Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zoo meander

We went to the zoo on Sunday.

I have to admit to being a bit ambivalent about zoos.

I know they are no longer the places with cement cages and iron bars that were prevalent when I was young …but they are still places where wild animals are kept in captivity.

I appreciate that, nowadays, zoos do a lot of good conservation work …but they are still places where wild animals are kept in captivity.

I know too that they have to keep animals that are not yet endangered … elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, hypos and the like attract the visitors whose entrance fees help to keep the zoo going. And they are great places for kids to have a look at some of these magnificent creatures and maybe, hopefully get to understand them better …but they are still places where wild animals are kept in captivity.

Posing! This meerkat is the King of his castle.

Please don't touch. Do we really need to tell humans this?

What a beautifully symmetrical backside!

And what about this specimen?

Nice shoes!


Blogger colleen said...

Looks like the 60's is back...with tight pants and pointed shoes. I love the zebra design and feel the same ambivalent about zoos. I love spelling the word in a Scrabble game. Michele spun me this way.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't gone to a zoo in ages, now that my son is 20 yo...
At least the cage isn't visible, although the animals are still in captivity. Enjoyed your shots!
Tight jeans and pointed shoes, does it get more uncomfortable?
Glad Michele brought you over :)
Have a nice day!

7:57 PM  
Blogger megz_mum said...

I am also ambivalent about zoos. We visited Dubbo zoo earlier this year. Apparently (and I am happy to stand corrected!) zoos now are taking on a more "home of endangered species" role rather than a "display of interesting animals" role. I can relate to the former, not so much the latter

2:12 AM  
Blogger Ms Mac said...

Ahh, the rare sight of the post-retro New Romantic. What a treat indeed. Do they have their own enclosure now?

ps. I love zoos because they enable me to see animals I would never have the opportunity to see in the wild and they educate me about the endangerment of some.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Maggie May said...

Its OK for small mammals in the zoo, I think.
Like the symmetrical bottom and the shoes!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Omykiss said...

So, we all like bottoms and shoes!

Hello Colleen ... the tight pants somehow make the shoes look enormous!

Welcome Mar. I did think of rounding up some kids just to validate our visit ... but it seemed like too much bother looking after them :(

Yes megz_mum ... zoos do seem to take care of endangered animals more ... but I'm not sure how that is really going to help their state in the wild. I would reckon most will never be able to live out there in the jungle ever again!

A special enclosure for our New Romantics might attract more middle aged women to the zoo Ms Mac ;) Great idea!

Somehow the small animals don't attract as much interest as the big guys ... at least that's my impression, maggie may.

11:09 AM  

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