Friday, May 13, 2005

It only takes a few

Some deranged person(s) has got us all in a tizzy! A few days ago a two-page letter that claimed foot-and-mouth disease had been released onWaiheke Island in Auckland was sent to the Prime Minister. Apparently,whoever sent the letter is demanding a change in tax policy and a large sum of money. Everyone who got in to the act became famous overnight by appearing on prime time TV news and current affairs programmes avows that they believe it is a hoax. Let's hope they are right about that.

At one stage the students at Massey University were on the suspect list although the Assistant Police Commissioner admitted there was 'nothing in the letter to suggest this.' Why bring it up then?

All news channels, while reporting 'the scare' showed emotive pictures of burning carcasses of animals presumably pulled out from their archives. It was never clearly stated that what we were watching was (most probably) archival film taken during the foot and mouth outbreak in UK a few years ago. All in all the media have had yet another heyday filling up news programmes with all manner of irrelevant nonsense.

Today the Herald reports that Government's response to the foot and mouth scare is costing the country about $1 million a day! It just shows how reliant we all are on people (that's us) behaving reasonably!

We all obey the traffic signals; red for stop and green for go. It would only take a handful of people to declare the opposite; green for stop, red for go to send the whole system into chaos. No one could tell who was red/green and who a green/red! Then Marcello, the Italian casanova in Under the Tuscan Sun, who declared his approach to traffic signals to be; green - Avanti, avanti; amber - a decoration; and red- a suggestion, would be boringly normal!


Anonymous Claire said...

I do hope that it's just a is ridiculous though that people seem to think that these types of hoax's are funny, or going to get them what they want?!

12:13 AM  
Blogger Omykiss said...

Whoever it was has written to the newspaper that it WAS a hoax. What does one do with such people .. and what DID we do to make them that way? Sigh!

11:47 AM  

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