Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fairies ...

I just got home and after having opened the garage door, I took a stroll out to the gate to check the mail box. My neighbour's young son ran towards me with a big shoe box in his hand.

"Look!" he said, opening the box and thrusting it towards me.

I look inside. All I can see is a $5 note.

"Where did you get that?" I ask him, hoping he hasn't robbed anyone.

"The tooth fairy", says the little chap grinning.

I take a closer look and notice that the box also contains a tooth. It's a sign of the changing times! Not only did the fairy give the princely sum of $5 (my tooth fairy always left a sixpence) but the fairy didn't even remove the tooth!

Telling this story at lunch time today triggered a whole lot of childhood memories from my fellow-lunch-eaters. Sarah tells us that when she was in school one of her friends got two crunchie bars and a $5 note from the tooth fairy. When Sarah lost her next tooth, she wrote, "Dear tooth fairy, my friend Sue got two crunchies and a $5 note for her tooth from the tooth fairy and I think I should get the same." Next morning she woke up to find 20 cents under the pillow and a note from the tooth fairy saying, "In this house the tooth fairy only gives 20 cents." Oh dear!

I remember, as a child, reading that the reason why cows lie down in the field when it rains is to keep a patch of the grass dry for the fairies. I was quite shocked to learn later (much later) that it's not true! Maybe that's why slightly dodgy tales are called fairy stories ... maybe ....


Anonymous CarolineM said...

Number one son lost a tooth at the boule pitch on a campsite in France. He was 4, and devastated.

His Dad had to write a note - in French - explaining what had happened.

I've still got the note, and treasure it!

1:33 PM  

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