Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Size matters ..

What is it with New Zealanders and Critical Mass ….. it’s everywhere .. or if you believe the numerous reports the lack of it is everywhere.

Until I came to New Zealand, when I thought of critical mass (if I thought of it at all), it was in the context of nuclear weapons and the chain reactions that set them off. Not so if you’re a Kiwi! We have a thing about being as Pascal imagined of our earth a tiny revolving ball in the immensity of space, one among innumerable others great and small …..

Take the Biotech industry that I just happen to know a little about .... comments like, you’ve really got to have a much bigger critical mass than people originally anticipated. … and developing greater regional critical mass will give Australian and New Zealand biotech companies better access to global market opportunities ... abound.

By all accounts then size matters. Don't get me wrong ... we also do BIG. We have Fonterra one of the leading multinational dairy company, owned by 13,000 New Zealand dairy farmers that claims to be the world's largest exporter of dairy products.

I think what we should be promoting is it's not the size that counts, it's what you do with it.


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