Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My hairdresser’s bald!

I made a trip to the hairdressers last Saturday for my bimonthly service. I decided on the usual colour/hair cut combo. My hairdresser, Frank, has the most gorgeous brown muscular arms, a flat tummy and the greatest bum … and he is bald. OK, not really bald, more shaved. He’s all round cute. He was telling me that it’s the best job ever. When he goes out to the pub with his mates and gets chatting with the girls all he needs to do is to tell them what he does and he is running his fingers through their hair, looking very wise before you can say Bob’s your Uncle …. or whatever it is you say nowadays. How jealous does that make his mates?

I did mention to him that it was slightly unusual for a hairdresser to have no hair. It’s a bit like a dentist with no teeth, say I, trying to be funny.
Maybe dentists don’t have teeth, says Frank. They probably all have implants. Now there’s a thought!


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