Monday, March 07, 2005

Chaos - the natural state

Yesterday, in the warm Sunday afternoon sunshine, we washed and waxed the cars. This morning it was raining.
Yet another example of Murphy’s Law at work!

This started me thinking about another law that we all spend a lot of time and energy battling against. It’s the law that states that disorder increases in the universe. The only way to overcome disorder is to input energy. I know I know - its a really bad interpretation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics but that’s how I understand it and it works for me. Importantly it elucidates why I need to spend half my life battling chaos. It’s everywhere … in the garden, we remove weeds only to have them reappear hours later, we sweep the leaves from the path, they reappear before you can say Jack Robinson … in the home, we vacuum, wash clothes, wash dishes .... take showers, shave, cut nails … etc, etc, etc. ….. and all of these energy requiring activities have to be repeated again, and again and again. There is no net gain. All the input of energy that this entails does nothing more than ensure that we are able to live our lives in something resembling a state of order … we can’t escape.
It’s a natural law so no point fighting it!

There’s another natural phenomenon that no law, as yet, describes. It is the indisputable fact that men have great difficulty in finding the things that they ‘had just a moment before’. It could be keys, specs, clean socks, a handkerchief, the cup of tea that they were in the middle of drinking, a spanner … the list is limitless. Clearly objects will not disappear or become invisible. What is missing, then, is a scientific explanation of the observed facts.
It was while searching, yet again, for the key to the garage door, that df came up with this hypothesis,
Once upon a time, long ago, before supermarkets came into existence, primitive societies survived as hunter-gatherers. Women did the gathering; men did the hunting. As a result, women evolved to find edible roots and fruits, things that don’t move, while men evolved to spot the slight movement of animals as they roamed around the forests of yore.
The law according to df states that unless it moves men don’t see it.
Any takers?


Blogger granny p said...

can't resist this either. My version, in Spanish, is. 'A los hombres les faltan ojos.' (Men have no eyes.) But actually I can't talk either...

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